Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Erected in 1594 by John Rothe, a wealthy city merchant, and his wife, Rose Archer.






The Society publishes an annual journal, the Old Kilkenny Review, which is free to all members. The first issue, which is now very scarce, was published in 1948, and an issue has appeared for every year since.

The journal is the Society's main contact with the majority of its members, many of whom live abroad, and beside a mix of articles of Kilkenny interest it carries a record of the Society's activities, membership, obituaries and book reviews.

The numbers already issued form an important body of work relating to the history of the county of Kilkenny. It is hoped that an index to the journal will appear on this site in due course. In the meantime a listing of articles in all journals from 1948 to 1998 can be viewed at the site of Thaddeus Breen, and those of the issues since 1998 at our own site Old Kilkenny Review Contents.

Contributions from non-members are welcomed. The journal is published in December, and finished material should be submitted to the Hon. Editor, Kilkenny Archaeological Society, Rothe House, Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Ireland, by 1 September. The Editor will always be pleased to have advance notification of material in progress, and intending contributors are referred to Guidelines for Contributors.

The current journal and a limited number of back issues are available for purchase. See Publications for full details.


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