Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Erected in 1594 by John Rothe, a wealthy city merchant, and his wife, Rose Archer.


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Old Kilkenny Review is the annual journal of the Society.

It is hoped that a full index to all issues of Old Kilkenny Review will appear on this site in due course. In the meantime a listing of all articles in the annual journal from 1948 to 1998 will be found on the page of Thaddeus Breen, and below are the contents of the more recent issues.




A medieval smithy in South Kilkenny 7-15
The vanishing 5tower Drakeland Castle: A tower-house in the Liberties of the City of Kilkenny 16-29
An eighteenth-century Graiguenamanagh guager's stockbook 30-40
The battle of Newmarket 41-44
Vallancey's military surveys of 1776-1777 & 1796 as relating to County Kilkenny and its immediate environs 45-57
'Much like yesterday' Callan folklore in the nineteenth & twentieth centuries 58-63
Osteoarchaeological & archaeological insights into deaths & intramural mass burials at the Kilkenny Union Workhouse between 1847-51 64-75
An incident of hypnotism in 1860s Kilkenny 76-78
Edward O'Sheqa, sculptor & mayor of Kilkenny 79-85
Remembering Kilkenny's part in the Independence movement 86-93
Kilkenny encounters Rome: a KAS trip to Rome nearly twenty years ago 94-99
A decade of writing County Kilkenny's history 100-119





Good Evans, Bad Grace: Evans, Grace and Whelan, philanthropist, forger and murderer 7-13
William Colles and the Nore navigation 14-28
Early Holocene deposit beneath Abbey Street, Kilkenny City 29-35
'I despise your offer': How Sheffield Grace embellished his family history 36-43
The Kilkenny Library Society 44-48
The Confederation Hall and Market Yard 49-55
English Academy, Kilkenny 56-62
'I must be talking to my friends': Micheal Mac Liammoir in Rothe House 63-67
Geophysical surveys at Freestone Hill, Danesfort, St Kilmolig's Church (Purcellsinch) and Castlefield 68-84
Illuminated addresses 85-90
The Grand Jury maps of County Kilkenny 91-95
Thomas Chaplin and other Kilkenny cabinet makers 96-103
Breakfast shelter petition  1906 104-107
An excursion to Kilcooley Abbey 18th August 1912 108-111
A flavour of the Liber Primus Kilkenniensis 1231-1537 112-116
Chalk Sunday - Contrasting views 117-118




The Kilkenny archaeological project 7-19
Coady's Castle redoubt, Galmoy, Co. Kilkenny: Archaeological excavations of a post-medieval earthwork fort (1999) 20-36
Breaking pots: The grooved ware assemblage from Scart, Co. Kilkenny 37-46
'A very clever scoundrel' A case of identity fraud in the Wheeler-Cuffe collection 47-49
A royal visit to Kilkenny, 1904 50-64
The masonic movement in Co. Kilkenny 65-71
David Rothe (c.1573-1650): Bishop and historian 73-84
The Bristol trade of John Rothe and other Kilkenny merchants in 1594-1595 & 1600-1601 85-101
Goodbye and good riddance: Landlord assisted emigration in the 19th century 102-109
An exile remembers: Kilkenny city and environs around 1840 110-120
Our father Francis MacManus: Kilkenny man, teacher, writer & broadcaster 121-127
'Doing the Christmas business'. Christmas shopping in Kilkenny city in the late 1930s 128-137




The Ballykeoghan burnt mound 7-15
Two castles at Coolhill and Clogaralt in County Kilkenny 16-33
The Rothe family garden rediscovered: an interim report on the 2007 archaeological excavation project 34-46
The Rothe House family garden 48-53
A lease of 1573 relating to the Corpus Christi plays in Kilkenny 54-69
In search of James -celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of James Hoban, architect and builder of the White House 70-77
A notable precursor -Christopher Colles and the mapping of America 78-88
The IRB, Labour and Parnell: the Kilkenny factor 89-93
The Ormonde Mills throughout the centuries 94-103
The Sweetman family 104-106
Carbuncles, ulcers and postules -the Black Death in Ireland 1348-49 107-112
Nineteenth century Kilkenny -a healthy place? Part II 113-124
Early dentists in Kilkenny 125-129
The metal man of Danesfort 130-138
Duiske Abbey cemetery -its mass house and school 139-143
A question answered 144-145




Recent archaeological discoveries in Dunmore caves, county Kilkenny 7-17
Four excavations in Kilkenny city (1999-2001) Part 2. 18-37
A record of some Kilkenny imports in the late sixteenth century 38-47
The Delahunty grave slab at St Francis' abbey, Kilkenny city 48-51
A third reformation? 'Persecution and oppression' in seventeenth century Kilkenny 52-68
The River Nore - An Fheoir 69-70
James Stephens and Kilkenny: the making of a Fenian chief 71-79
The Kilkenny Museum (1849-1910) of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 80-97
The town bell and clock 98-103
Nineteenth century Kilkenny - a healthy place? Part 1 104-114
The Whites of Gowran House 115-128
Beginnings: the early years of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society in Rothe House 129-131





The motte and manor of Callan 7-28
A collection of previously unpublished medieval burial monuments from St Mary's church, Kilkenny city 29-46
Four excavations in Kilkenny city (1999-2001) 47-66
Rich pickings from a medieval potter's yard at MacDonagh station, Kilkenny city 67-70
Ballyshanemore castle, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny and the eponymous Sean Mor 71-76
The creation of the Parade: Ormond's deal with Kilkenny corporation, 1677 77-116
Author's presentation inscriptions in books in KAS library 117
Some bookplates in the Kilkenny Archaeological Society library 118-119
Paulstown and 1798 120-123
A trip to Kilkenny in 1776 124-126
The Weymms [Wemyss] family of Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny 127-138
The military in Kilkenny 1800-1870 139-151
A preliminary account of recent excavations adjacent to Kilkenny union workhouse 154-162
The last Lord Galmoy 163-172
The fatal picture of Desart Court 173-175
Kilkenny's titled landowners in 1876 176-178
Kilkenny traveller stories 179-184





New evidence for the Bronze and Iron Ages in County Kilkenny: the 1999 gas pipeline excavations 7-31
Excavation of a riverside circular tower in College Park, Kilkenny City 32-42
Archaeological excavations at the rear of No. 63 High Street (The OK House) Kilkenny City 43-61
The Priors of St John's, Kilkenny (OSA), before the Reformation 62-74
Inistioge's elections in 1640 75-82
Three Kilkenny book collectors 83-88
Thomas Pierce Purcell: a Kilkenny man to be remembered 89-92
Mahon & McPhillips Ltd., 1947-1988: an oral history. (part 2) 93-105
A newly discovered Anglo-Norman ringwork castle from Purcell's Inch townland, Kilkenny 106-108
William of Kilkenny, Bishop of Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire 109-112
Fragments of Kilkenny's Renaissance past in Dean St., Kilkenny 113-117





Medieval grave slabs recovered from the River Nore, St John's Bridge, Kilkenny City 6-20
Model of Duiske Abbey 21-23
Mahon & McPhillips Ltd., 1947-1988: an oral history 24-43
Tolls and customs at Graiguenamanagh 44-45
The Irishtown and the Hightown: uneasy neighbours 46-62
It said in the papers - 1922 63-68
Chomolungma - the Kilkenny connection 69-79
Probing the past: a geophysical survey at St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny 80-106
An heraldic reminder of King Henry VIII 107-112
The stones of Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh 113-120
A Kilkenny builder's time-book, 1896 121-124
Jerpoint Abbey: an historical perspective 125-138
Kilkenny Mechanics' Friend Society 139-143
Thomastown Benevolent Society 144-146
Dorcas Birthistle 147-148





The bells & bellringers of St Canice's Cathedral 6-10
The cantred of Erley: a case study of manorial organisation 11-25
Work begins on Talbot tower, Kilkenny 26-29
The Bishop's palace, Kilkenny 30-53
It said in the papers - 1847 54-57
Kilkenny reclaimed: the archaeological evidence for medieval reclamation in Kilkenny city 58-69
The colonnade, St Canice's Cathedral 70-71
Enactments of the Dernhundred in Kilkenny 1516-1544 72-85
Farm accounts on a Co. Kilkenny estate 1846-47 86-96
Archaeological excavation of early medieval burials at Cooleeshalmore, Threecastles, Co. Kilkenny 97-104
In the Borough of St Kenny (2) 105-118
The nomination of Kilkenny MPs in 1628 119-125
The history of St John's bridge, Kilkenny 126-140
The tomb of John, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, St Canice's cathedral 141-148
Architectural stone fragments stored to the rear of Rothe House 149-152





The Richard Colles Johnson bequest 5-15
The round tower 16-17
On Viscount Frankfort's Kilkenny estates in the 1840s 18-40
It said in the papers - 1904 41-49
Youth Projects 50-52
Rothe House - A history 53-75
Kelly Coachbuilders 76-81
Thomastown Recollections 82-92
Mayors of the city of Kilkenny 1609-2002 93-99
Patrick M Egan 100-112
In the Borough of St Kenny 113-130
Notes on Kilkenny architects and buildings 131-139
Rectangular enclosure at Knockdrina 140-143





The Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny: an inner house of Archer's Mansion, 1582 6-24
It said in the papers - 1901 25-28
Sovereigns of the town of Kilkenny, 1282-1608 29-35
An examination of the modern Celtic cross 36-52
A suspected case of arson in sixteenth century Kilkenny 53-63
The Atlantic world of Kavanagh and Cottrill 64-81
Photographs of Kilkenny interest from a Victorian album 82-88
The hearth money roll of 1665 for the city of Kilkenny 89-102
O'Loughlin Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist, Kilkenny 103-123
An tAthair J K Fielding 124-127
The Parade terrace, Kilkenny 128-139
George Berkeley and Thomas Prior, lifelong friends 140-148
Photographic exhibition, Rothe House 149-151





The arms of Tighe 5-18
Two Robertson houses at John's Quay, Kilkenny 19-25
Kilmurry Castle and other related sites in Slieverue Parish 26-108
Alderman Richard Connell's book 109-115
Archaeological excavation at No. 26 Patrick Street, Kilkenny 116-122
A newly discovered 'Kerin' tomb at Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 123-130
Kilkenny men and the Hôtel Royal des Invalides 131-155
A family in the Phelan Room, Rothe House, Kilkenny 156-161
John Holland artist of the American depression 162-176





America's first Irish visitor 7-9
Pompeo Batoni & his Kilkenny sitters 10-18
Yeats - the Kilkenny connection 19-23
Mary, Kitty & Rita - the three Harte sisters 24-27
The Archdeacon (Cody) family in the American south 1730-1875 28-43
The 1659 census 44-49
Kilkenny District Model School 50-74
A letter from America 75-79
The Shirley eviction from their farm at Burnchurch in 1850 80-87
The 1718 Kilkenny presentation of Freedom to Richard Tighe of Dublin 88-91
From India to Brazil: Nicholas Comerford a seventeenth-century Kilkenny-born cartographer 92-102
The lost Swiss cottage of Woodstock: its architecture and its illustrations 103-111
The reform of Kilkenny Corporation in the Repeal year of 1843 112-127